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Yaesu FT-101ZD/FT-102/FT-901/FT-902 Relay #FBR211D012M

This relay replaces Yaesu's relay P/N FBR211D012M which is used in the FT-101ZD/FT-901/FT-902DM/FT-102/FT-107 and possibly other Yaesu series radios (check your manuals). This relay is brand new, SPDT, with the correct pin out, coil resistance,coil voltage and contact rating as the original part. These relays are used in the clarifier circuitry for TX/RX, VFO switching, and other switching applications in these radios (usually three are used, but depends on the model of radio).

When the original relays fail, they usually become intermittent (contacts oxidize). Cleaning them with contact spray/very fine crocus cloth will bring them back to life for a period of time only to become intermittent again. Replacing them is generally the only long term solution. The second picture is the original Yaesu relay, and the third picture is a new relay installed in the clarifier circuit of a FT-101ZD.


Kenwood TS-120S Cap Kit

Relay #FBR211D012M



Price | USD $14.95