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Kenwood TS-850S HF Transceiver Capacitor Replacement Kit

This is a complete electrolytic capacitor replacement kit for the Kenwood TS-850S transceiver. This kit does not include the capacitors in the external AC power supply.

As a retired broadcast transmitter maintenance technician, when I take in a piece of equipment not only is it restored cosmetically to like-new condition, it is also electrically re-newed.

Part of my restoration process is the replacing of all electrolytic capacitors. Electrolytics over time change value due to leakage, electrical stress, heat exposure etc., and can be very annoying to trouble shoot especially when intermittent. There are 113 small electrolytics used in the TS-850S. In all cases the capacitors have been replaced with the exact value of the original, but in many cases I was able to take advantage of smaller modern day components increasing the voltage rating of the replacement unit.

Included in the kit is an installation guide to help those along who might feel a bit nervous doing this type of board work.


Kenwood TS-120S Cap Kit

The kit is comprised of the following capacitors (113 in all):

.22uf 50V - Qty 2

.47uf 50V - Qty 1

1uf  50V  -  Qty 17

2.2uf 50V - Qty 4

4.7uf 50V - Qty 2

10uf 16V  - Qty 27

22uf 16V - Qty 3

33uf 16V - Qty 2

47uf 25V - Qty 16

100uf 25V - Qty 35

470uf 16V - Qty 3

1000uf 16V - Qty 1


Price | USD $39.95


** There is no retuning of the radio required as the capacitors being changed are power supply related, or audio coupling/decoupling. Minor adjustment of the VOX controls may be required when new capacitors are installed.

** Installation Time is approximately 4 hours from start to finish for an experienced technician. For all others take your time and enjoy, its a great project!