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Kenwood TS-520/TS-530S/TS-820S/TS-830S High Voltage Filter Capacitors

The HV power supply capacitors are under particular stress due to the approximately 900 volts applied to them. If these capacitors fail, there is a good chance of loosing the HV rectifiers in the process and the possibility of a power transformer going with them.

For those restoring radios, given the original capacitors are now between 25 and 35 years old, changing them now will likely keep these radio's going for a long time to come.

The replacement capacitors are brand new made by Panasonic, rated at 85 deg. C and are 150uf at 500volts. These capacitors are 35mm in diameter, so fit the original mounting clamps perfectly. You can see from the pictures that the replacement capacitors are less than half the height of the originals (the black cap is from a Kenwood, the grey from a Yaesu both 100uf/500v). The photos show the new capacitors installed in a Yaesu FT-101E and a Kenwood TS-820S. The last two photos show a "before and after" TS-830S.

The Kenwood kits also include two 470k 1/2 watt bleeder/equalizer resistors and two .01uf/1kV ceramic capacitors to completely renew the HV section.

These capacitors are 50% higher in capacity than the originals, which will "stiffen" the HV power supply and consequently provide sligthly higher peak output power due to the reduced sag in high voltage on voice peaks.


Kenwood TS-520S Cap Kit

The kit is comprised of the following

(6 in all):

Qty 2  150uf/500v capacitors, 35mm diameter

Qty 2  470K ohm 1/2 watt resistors

Qty 2 .001uf 1kV disc ceramics


Price | USD $28.95