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HF Amplifier 6 Pack

For those planning on building their own HF amplifier, or need to replace original capacitors here is a "six pack" of 150uf/500v brand new capacitors. Many Dentron,Heathkit,Yaesu amplifiers used 100uf/500v capacitors in the original design. These capacitors are rated 50% higher in capacity, and will provide much stiffer power supply regulation than the originals.
These capacitors are a snap in mount, or can be mounted in a clamp. They are 35mm in diameter, 35mm high and have a pin spacing of 10mm and are rated at 85deg. C. In a series configuration these capacitors will provide 25uf @ 3000 volts! The picture shows these modern capacitors up against original 100uf/500v capacitors from the 70's/80's (black cap is a Kenwood, Grey is a Yaesu). They are the same physical diameter, but a fraction of the height of the originals. The last two pictures are of a Heathkit SB-201 being re-fitted.


Kenwood TS-120S Cap Kit

The kit is comprised of the following capacitors (6 in all):

6 Pack - 150uf/500V


Price | USD $64.95