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Deltron GLA 1000 High Voltage Filter Capacitor Kit

The replacement capacitors are brand new made by Panasonic, rated at 85 deg. C and are 150uf at 500volts. These capacitors are 35mm in diameter, matching the original capacitors, but are half the height due to new technology. Included in the kit are three 100K ohm 2 watt resistors to replace R4,R5,R6 which are equalizing and bleeder resistors which should be replaced at the same time.

These capacitors are 50% higher in capacity than the originals, which will "stiffen" the HV power supply and consequently provide sligthly higher peak output power due to the reduced sag in high voltage on voice peaks.


Dentron GLA1000 Cap Kit

The kit is comprised of the following capacitors (6 in all):

150uf/500v capacitors 35mm diameter - Qty 3

100K ohm 2 watt resistors - Qty 3


Price | USD $49.95