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Peter V. Simpson

Licensed since 1965, I have been active on all HF modes but have a major love for CW. You will find me mainly on the lower end of 80 and 40M.
I graduated as an Electrical/Electronic Engineering Technologist in 1971 from Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario.
Retired for 12 years now, I spent 26 years with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) as a transmitter technician, technical training officer, and finally as a Senior Project Leader designing and installing various TV/FM transmission facilities in eastern Canada.
After leaving CBC, I was involved with the design and installation of Chorus Entertainment’s two 50kW All News stations in Montreal, QC (Info 690/940 News).

Some years later, I was contracted by CBC to teach a transmission line theory course at Radio Canada International in Sackville, NB. RCI have fifteen 250kW transmitters feeding a multiple array of Curtain antennas using open wire line.
In the past few years I have been focusing on Kenwood TS-520/TS-530S/TS-820S/TS-830S/TS-940S and Yaesu FT-101E/FT-101ZD/FT-102/FT901DM/FT-902DM restorations.

Service and restoration work by e-mail appointment only. Please contact me at peter@ve3pvs.ca