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VE3PVS Technical Services



Mission Statement

VE3PVS.ca was established to supply the amateur radio hobbyist with high quality capacitor replacement kits for Kenwood and Yaesu hybrid radios from the 1970’s and 80’s. Kenwood’s TS-520, TS-820S, TS-830S, and TS-940S series and Yaesu’s FT-101E, FT-101ZD and FT-901DM HF transceivers are highly sought after by vintage radio collectors.

Our capacitor replacement kits are tailored for each model of radio, containing capacitors made by Elna, Panasonic, and Nichicon. Replacement capacitors meet or exceed the original manufacturer temperature and voltage specifications. Included with each kit is an installation guide to assist in the replacement process.

Our hybrid capacitor kits are divided into two categories, one for the radio as a whole, and the other to replace the 100uf 500V HV capacitors only.

HV Capacitor kits for linear amplifiers are available for Dentron which use three, and in 6 and 8 packs to replace other popular models such as the Heathkit SB-200/201 or SB-220.

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